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 ReportPortal 5.0, Build 202, May 22, 2019
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Posted - 05/22/2019 :  01:03:49  Show Profile
ReportPortal 5.0, Build 202, May 22, 2019


Data Entry
1. New Field Type: File Path. Can download or preview a file.
2. Ability to show Many and Children in Grid
3. Many can have a Child type. This lets you select another form as the template for updating grid.
4. Child form can have self-referencing “Parent-child” relationship. Only nodes that have parent id set to null be be at the root level of the tree
5. Support for Sql server HierarchyId type
6. Moved in the design mode form Data Editing to SQL Reports
7. Combo will scroll down the list as you type
8. Actions: Visibility (Table, Tree, Tab, Form)
9. Search
-- a. Save Search settings in design mode (Search Column is moved from Options to Search Toolbar)
-- b. Preserve the search text for the grid search
-- c. If Full text search is enabled, two new text search options: Contains and Freetext
10. Options
-- a. Import tab will save defaults
-- b. In the grid, “Load dropdowns on click” option will load dropdown only when clicked to improve performance
11. File Field Type:
-- a. Ability to set the maximum width and height for images
-- b. Ability to select File Contents file to store the searchable text. Ability to OCR images.
-- c. Clicking to review image will download it
12. Ability to use parent column placeholders (::column1) in child grid SQL
13. JavaScript Panel: Added calculated columns and panels with no name
14. Tree View: Report Links will be grouped under a folder
15. Hide-When feature
-- a. Type: Hide / Disabled
-- b. Enabled for Actions
-- c. New operators: <=,>=, containing, not containing, starting and ending.

New Report Type: Folder
1. Folder Type is a Document Management System (DMS) integrated with Data Entry and SQL Reports
2. Ability to upload and manage files and folders including: delete, move, copy, rename and create folder.
3. Ability to download and upload all files and folders in a zip file
4. Ability to browse folders and subfolders by expanding or drill down
5. Ability to restrict which files are folders are visible by applying name patterns. For example: show only PDF files that start with letter a residing in folders then end with letter z..
6. Ability to add, remove or set the order of columns (file name, file size, date created, etc. including meta-data columns)
7. Ability to copy the file directory info to a database table. This allows for adding meta-data to files and folders. The DB Admin can be used to add metadata columns to the table and Data Entry form can be used to manage the metadata content. The metadata columns can be using during the file search.
8. The File Consents can be added to the table for file contents. The File Consents text is extracted using IFilter. Image files are converted to text by using Google’s free Tesseract OCR library. Non-searchable PDF files are converted to text using Ghostscript and Tesseract.
9. Ability to search file contents by using File attributes, Windows Search or Full Text Search. Windows Search service be reside locally or a remote file share server.
10. Ability customize the search by selecting columns (file name, file size, date created, etc. including meta-data columns)
11. The “Rp File Search” service can be used to synchronize the table and the folder (or file share).
12. Ability to version control to keep track changes to files
13. Logging of upload, view and manage files

1. Settings > Shows Count for each Log table
2. Settings > Create [Virtual Directory] Site feature
-- a. Will store settings for each virtual directory
-- b. Many virtual directories can be pointing to the same physical folder (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ReportPortal)
-- c. Users, Roles, Connections and Folders can be created that be visible in each site (not shared).
-- d. Admin user has the ability to change the site of Users, Roles, Connections and Folders
3. Admin > Users
-- a. When secondary admin is checked all options are selected by default
-- b. New secondary admin roles: Security, Manage Reports, Import Reports
-- C. User/Role > Allowed IP can be comma delimited list like 192.168.%,192.169.%
4. Users, Roles, Connection lists can be resized
5. New "Snapshot" tab
a. Default Type: Data, Schema or Data and Schema
b. View Type: Tabs or List
6. Top-Right user icon will have "New Tab" option to open a copy of the current page in new tab
7. Email > From Default: Report Email or Report Owner
8. File
a. Tesseract and Ghostscript location for OCR processing
b. "File Folder" option moved to Admin > Design Menu

DB Admin
1. Add Index: New options: Primary Key and Full Text
2. Support for SQL Server HierarchyId date column
3. Dependency Tree: Show Node List option where threre are more than 10 nodes
4. Dual Excel 2007 and 2003 support
5. View Tables: Search: all Table Name, Columns name, Column Content

OLAP Report
1. Smooth color transition for Geo Chart when filter animation is used
2. Snapshot for report schema
3. Field List: support for Nested folders for Measures

SQL Report:
1. Options:
a. Show Sum - will show sum at the bottom of the grid for numeric columns (sum will be recalculated and user types into grid search box)
b. HTML Tab
2. SQL Builder
a. now supports Group by function: Sum, Max, Min Count
b. Oracle date column support
3. Preserve the search text for the grid search
4. Many Search now supports column placeholders (::column1)
5. Snapshot Report Schema

1. Improved Tab look
2. Ability to select report snapshots

Bug fixes :

1. Save Report History for KPI report
2. Excel Exporting > Ability to handle invalid characters
3. Data Entry and DB Admin Excel import. Support for 'm/d/yyyy h:mm format
4. Report Tree: Recycle Bin Sort bug
5. Date Picker will now assume that 1/1/19 is 1/1/2019
6. Data Entry [Record Count] Search bug
7. OLAP Report: CSV Export when columns spanned
8. SSRS File: Multi Filter bug
9. Move Folder Bug
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