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ReportPortal is a web-based reporting solution that lets you build, publish and view the following types of reports:
ReportPortal 5.0
is now available.
60 days fully functional
evaluation copy.

What's new in
ReportPortal 5?
Why use ReportPortal?
Easy to Use
You can create an impressive report in under a minute
Unique Features
Pie-Chart tree, Bar-Chart tree, Moving Bubbles, Data Entry forms and much more.
100% Zero Footprint
No client side installation
Multi-Browser support
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
Our Customers
What our users say about us
Great GUI! Simple, straightforward to use, well documented, and it is extremely well behaved. In my opinion, it is absolutely the best OLAP tool I have seen to date. Let me re-phrase that, that's not enough of a compliment. It's the ONLY OLAP tool to date. I've been looking for a simple, clean, and robust off-the-shelf front end for 8 years.
Chuck Dobbs, Network Performance Engineering, AT&T Mobility
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